Galactic Heroes (star wars) @ Target

Funko has gone soft on us! Soft as in plush toys that is, so grab a comfy toy or two and come talk to us about them. Plushes, Fabrikations, and Mopeez, oh my!
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Re: Galactic Heroes (star wars) @ Target

Postby SuMo » Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:00 pm

SuMo wrote:
absyrd wrote:The Chewbacca one is quite off-putting.

I feel the same way about the Chewie. I have other plushes (non-funko) that are way adorable. Actually, I have the Fabrication Chewie that's cute-ugly. I do need the bad guys though like Kylo and maybe Vader.

That Fabrication Chewie was the first one I bought from the Fabrication line. Definitely cute-ugly! haha

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