Yasuo (LoL) mystery mini

Great things come in mysterious miniature or pint sized packages, but which great thing will it be? It's all a mystery until you open one. Then the fun begins.
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Yasuo (LoL) mystery mini

Postby CashMeOusside » Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:21 pm

So I bought my very first mystery mini boxes. They were from the league of legends series. The figures were somewhat disappointing because I only got the commons which I liked the least. Still I'm happy with them except for one. My Yasuo's sword is bent horribly in the wrong way and the paint job is just bad. Such a shame because otherwise I wouldve been happy with it. Any of you who have the same figure and can tell me how theirs looks?

Also have a Malphite and he looks good but has a splat of lighter brown on his leg. Oh well I guess that's just Funko? Lately I've seen so many pops with a bad paintjob. The problem is you can't check the minis. :( Although I really like the concept of blind boxes.

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